Toy Stories #31 Angry Birds

My son love his New Angry bird Stuff toys! 🙂 He got it from hie 5th birthday last January. The classmate who gave it to him was so sweet and thoughtful coz he personally asked his parents to look for angry birds for him. The parents said he was crying when they didn’t found one in a store and so they tried to look in another store again and there’s the angry birds! 🙂

I love them both but I personally love the red one coz it’s talking! 🙂


Toy Stories #30 Vtech Cars Lightning McQueen Learning Laptop

Shopping Bag

My son got another gift last weekend when we, our Filipino friends here in AR celebrated all the JANUARY  birthdays! And this gift made him so happy again! We love to buy him this laptop coz he doesn’t have one yet! Thanks to our friends for giving this to him!

He’s so Happy!

and busy…

Now he’s not bothering the daddy to play this –>>


Child Deluxe Cars 2 Lightning Mcqueen Costume {Review}

My son just turned 5 last month, he waited for this day to come and he is really excited about it. He chose to celebrate in Jumpzone where his sister celebrated her birthday last November. He said he love to have car theme so our friend made him a car cake, I made some goodie bags designed with cars, I created a car balloons and ofcourse I surprised him with a CAR COSTUME!

My son loves CARS and he loves the movie too so I thought of getting him a costume for his birthday and I chose this Child Deluxe Cars 2 Lightning Mcqueen. It’s affordable, it’s cute and comfortable. y son loved it very much and he’s so proud that he has a car costume. This costume has free size so if your kid is bigger than my son, you can also check for other  Cars costumes available at COSTUME DISCOUNTERS, I just chose this one coz it’s cool for me. My son love to wear it and sometimes he’s playing with is as if it’s a real car toy! Cool costume and toy in one!

Here’s some of his photo taken right before his BIG DAY 🙂



Toy Stories #29 Pirate EThan!

Another gift my Ethan got from his birthday – PIRATE Stuff! My kids are watching Disney Channel’s JAKE and NEVERLAND and they love it just perfect for these costumes! And now it’s their favorite costume and they are always pretending to be a pirate…a good ones.

Look at his face! LMAO!

And ofcourse the sister likes this toy too so I asked them to share 🙂

Hope you like my Toy Story for the week! If you have a toy story to share..please come and share it with us every Wednesday!


Ethan’s 5th Birthday @ Jumpzone

My son Ethan had a blast on his special day even only few of his classmates and friends had come.

My handsome little 5 year old boy 🙂

He loves his costume!

And his cake!

His visitors..


Opening of presents…

At home…he did candle blowing again…

And ate some Icing…

And then he asked me to wrap it…and keep in the fridge 😛

He love all of his PRESENTS!


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My Son’s 5th Birthday Cake by A Lot of Sugar

After Ishi’s birthday, I was planning of Ethan’s birthday theme already. I was thinking of a car race theme to be held in one of the archades here in Bentonville. We’re suppose to do it in Chuck-E-Cheese unfortunately their January calendar were all booked so we decided to do it in Jumpzopne again were Ishi had her 6th birthday. Good thing we chose Jumpzone coz Ethan told us that he liked it to be in Jumpzone. And so I asked him what cake does he like on his birthday and he said Lightning McQueen. I tried to request from our friend who’s really good in baking and designing cakes and she just simply said OKAY. And so lighting mcqueen it is with 24 cupcakes incase (which already happened) Ethan doesn’t like to slice his cake.


Furniture with Character — up to 50% off

I am so thrilled when I saw this in Zulily!!!! A furniture with Characters!!! Oh gosh!! my kids will surely get crazy if they see it!!!

I so love to decor my kids’ room and as much as possible, I want it kids’ friendly, colorful and lively. I always love to put more colorful decors but I prefer to use their photos and some character photos of their choice. Imagine if their room has these wonderful furniture….oh gosh!! This will definitely awesome!!!

Batman Armchair

original $163.00
Thomas the Tank Engine Sofa Set

original $200.00

Royal Princess Chair

original $248.00
Nickelodeon Dora Deluxe Toddler Seating Set

original $200.00
Batman Deluxe Sofa Set

original $200.00
SpongeBob Armchair

original $173.00
Pink Skull Chair

original $348.00
Tweety Deluxe Toddler Seating Set

original $200.00
Pink Ballerina Bear Chair

original $192.00
Superman Deluxe Sofa Set

original $200.00
Taz Toddler Seating Set

original $200.00
Tweety Deluxe Rocking Chair

original $100.00

Looking For Valentine’s Gifts for Kids?

Who says Velentines Day is only for adults and couples?

Valentines Day is a celebration of LOVE and AFFECTION and ofcourse we love our kids right? So celebration between kids and parents can be possible too, so don’t forget to get your kids some lovely gifts….

Aside from kids loving bears, I am sure adult will love this cutie stuff toys too from Zulily…

White Lil’ Lovable Plush Toy

original $12.00
Brown Willie B. Mine Plush Toy

original $15.00
Brown King of Hearts Plush Toy

original $22.00
White Lots of Lovable Plush Toy

original $48.00
If you don’t want stuff toys, you can always have another choice like this cutie outfits for girls 🙂
Red & White Lil’ Love Tee & Hanger – Infant & Toddler

original $21.00
Red Pretty Pettiskirt – Toddler & Girls

original $45.00
Red & White Lil’ Love Leg Warmers – Infant

original $10.00
Red & White Lil’ Love Socks Set – Infant

original $18.00
Photo Credits to ZULILY!

Toy Stories # 28 Ethan’s New CLICKS Toys

Ethan got enough toys on his birthday celebration! Enought to make him happy and contented! He got plenty of cars like what he really wants and some other stuff that fits his personality – educational toys!

One of the stuff aside from cars are educational stuff like legos, puzzles and blocks.

And this CLICKS Cruisers in one of his favorite —>>

More toys to be posted soon!! See you again next week!


Thanks for Sharing your toys!!!


Ethan’s 5th Birthday Preparation

I always love to prepare for my kids’ birthday parties. I love to do it myself and if only possible, I wanna do everything from preparing the decors, the foods, the program and so on and so forth. Not so O-C eh?!

Last November, I enjoyed preparing Ishi’s goodie bags and balloons. I didn’t have a jard time making goodie bags since everything I need were available online and all I did was order and pack. I also enjoyed making balloon decors though we had a hard time putting them all in our small car. That’s our first party planning experience and we learned so many things after that..

This time in Ethan’s birthday,  I only did one Pillar Balloon only for Ethan. I didn’t order goodies online and bought in Walmart coz I just found out that there’s also goodie bags there and happened to be more cheaper than ordering online.

As for cake us usual, our talented and gifted and very generous friend made it for Ethan as a present and it turned out to be a super dooper cute lightning mcqueen car cake! The jumpzone people loved it and so with our guests. We are so proud we have a friend like her.

Here’s the stuff we prepared for my baby boy aside from the PAYMENT ofcourse… 🙂


Goodie Bags…