Ishi’s New Set of Disney Princess Books

I started collecting books for my kids since they were born. I started with pop up books and some hard covered boks and tried to read them stories every night but they are not interested yet by then until we moved here in US.

Ishi started to love reading books when she attended kindergarten here so I got more inspired to collect books for them from then on.

I also made them their mini library in their small room.

As of now,  their book rack is now full of books so I am thinking of getting bigger shelves for them soon.

Here’s Ishi’s new sent of Disney books that she’s excited to read every day.

The Princess and the Frog

Tinkerbell and Lost Treasure


Beauty and The Beast

ALL 4 for $7.49

FREE – Pooh Backseat Organizer


Mulan $2.49

Sleeping Beauty $2.50

Total of $12.48


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