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Toy Stories #32 GIRLY Toys

This is my daughter playing with some ‘pretend’ toys in the clasroom they are using every Saturday Game in cheerleading! I love this vanity mirror! Rolling Kitchen Vacuum   and a Baby… Thanks for Sharing!

Toy Stories #31 Angry Birds

My son love his New Angry bird Stuff toys! 🙂 He got it from hie 5th birthday last January. The classmate who gave it to him was so sweet and thoughtful coz he personally asked his parents to look for angry birds for him. The parents said he was crying when they didn’t found one […]

Toy Stories #30 Vtech Cars Lightning McQueen Learning Laptop

My son got another gift last weekend when we, our Filipino friends here in AR celebrated all the JANUARY  birthdays! And this gift made him so happy again! We love to buy him this laptop coz he doesn’t have one yet! Thanks to our friends for giving this to him! He’s so Happy! and busy… […]

Toy Stories #29 Pirate EThan!

Another gift my Ethan got from his birthday – PIRATE Stuff! My kids are watching Disney Channel’s JAKE and NEVERLAND and they love it just perfect for these costumes! And now it’s their favorite costume and they are always pretending to be a pirate…a good ones. Look at his face! LMAO! And ofcourse the sister […]

Toy Stories # 28 Ethan’s New CLICKS Toys

Ethan got enough toys on his birthday celebration! Enought to make him happy and contented! He got plenty of cars like what he really wants and some other stuff that fits his personality – educational toys! One of the stuff aside from cars are educational stuff like legos, puzzles and blocks. And this CLICKS Cruisers […]

Toy Stories #27 Cutie Furry Stuff Toys

I received a box from Haze containing gifts and giveaway all the way from the Philippines! I didn’t expect a box coming as big as this one and I feel so loved and blessed! Thanks to my lovely blogger friends and Postcrossing Enthusiast-mates! My kids were so excited more than me especially when they saw […]

Toy Stories #26 Christmas Gifts

My kids are so happy with what they got for Christmas! They were both happy for Santa’s gifts and from our friends here. They didn’t get lots of toys like they used to get every Christmas in the Philippines but they got lovely clothes and books! Super Wheel Motors Ethan’s Presents from Friends Hello Kitty […]

Toy Stories #24 Dora The Explorer

Ishi has been dreaming of this doll long time ago but we are not buying it for it’s expensive. God is really good coz atlast, she was able to have it on her 6th birthday. She was so happy with this doll when she saw it but  we all know kids excitement doesn’t last forever, […]

Toy Stories #23 PS3 Move

I think the daddy got carried away last Black Friday Sale and Cyber Monday sale for he bought almost complete set of entertainment showcase.  We’ve been here for almost 9 months now and had a ‘not so boring’ life despite of having no Television in the house. We only use 3 laptops, 1 for the […]

Ishi’s First Painting with Ruth

Ruth is our neighbor, she is living alone in her 2 bedroom apartment. She’s nice and friendly, I met her first knocking on our door and gave the kids some fish fillet. After that she’s always giving the kids some things. Ishi like her for she’s always showing her paintings to Ishi. Ishi was fascinated […]