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Ishi Reading Dr. Seuss – “Ten Apples Up on Top”

My kids loves Dr. Seuss Books! Here’s one of Dr, Seuss book that she love to read!  “Ten Apples Up on Top”

Ishi’s New Set of Disney Princess Books

I started collecting books for my kids since they were born. I started with pop up books and some hard covered boks and tried to read them stories every night but they are not interested yet by then until we moved here in US. Ishi started to love reading books when she attended kindergarten here […]

My Little Angels New Bike!

Finally after a year of waiting…the daddy bought them their new bike! Perfect for this coming summer, hooray!

Bicycle for Kids

 My husband and I were planning to buy the kids a new bike. They’ve been requesting for it since last year but we have more important things to buy so we passed on it. This summer, they are asking for it again so my husband is planning on buying them in one condition, they have […]

Ishi’s Little Story

Ishi called me in their room just this moment and told me about her story based on the pictures and artworks posted in their wall. I was amazed by it and even forgot to video it so I aske her to do it again so here’s her story…. Thanks for watching! 🙂

School Fund Raising

My daughter needs to raise $180 equivalent to 3 boxes of chocolates so please if you need to buy chocolates for this coming easter egg hunt, please buy my daughter’s chocolates for only $2 each!!! If you want shipping, flat rate boxes are only $5.75 and can contain 8 hersheys and 4 kitkats! PLEASE BUY […]

Toy Stories #32 GIRLY Toys

This is my daughter playing with some ‘pretend’ toys in the clasroom they are using every Saturday Game in cheerleading! I love this vanity mirror! Rolling Kitchen Vacuum   and a Baby… Thanks for Sharing!

Ethan’s 5th Birthday @ Jumpzone

My son Ethan had a blast on his special day even only few of his classmates and friends had come. My handsome little 5 year old boy 🙂 He loves his costume! And his cake! His visitors.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ETHAN!!! Opening of presents… At home…he did candle blowing again… And ate some Icing… And then […]

Our First Ice Skate Experience

My kids and I were finally experienced ICE SKATING for the first time! After Ishi’s FIRST GAME, we headed to Lawrence Plaza which is very near Ishi’s gym. We had our 1 and half hour session and we all learned for the first time. Before we start playing….we had our drive thru lunch at Arby’s […]

Weekend Blast

Last Saturday was IShi’s 2nd day in her cheering class, we all went to there watch her practice. We came early so the kids got the time to play in the play area and they had so much fun! Saturday at Ishi’s Gym before cheering… and finally Ishi’s cheering class… were all there to watch […]