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School Fund Raising

My daughter needs to raise $180 equivalent to 3 boxes of chocolates so please if you need to buy chocolates for this coming easter egg hunt, please buy my daughter’s chocolates for only $2 each!!! If you want shipping, flat rate boxes are only $5.75 and can contain 8 hersheys and 4 kitkats! PLEASE BUY […]

Looking For Valentine’s Gifts for Kids?

Who says Velentines Day is only for adults and couples? Valentines Day is a celebration of LOVE and AFFECTION and ofcourse we love our kids right? So celebration between kids and parents can be possible too, so don’t forget to get your kids some lovely gifts…. Aside from kids loving bears, I am sure adult […]

Toy Stories # 28 Ethan’s New CLICKS Toys

Ethan got enough toys on his birthday celebration! Enought to make him happy and contented! He got plenty of cars like what he really wants and some other stuff that fits his personality – educational toys! One of the stuff aside from cars are educational stuff like legos, puzzles and blocks. And this CLICKS Cruisers […]

Toy Stories #27 Cutie Furry Stuff Toys

I received a box from Haze containing gifts and giveaway all the way from the Philippines! I didn’t expect a box coming as big as this one and I feel so loved and blessed! Thanks to my lovely blogger friends and Postcrossing Enthusiast-mates! My kids were so excited more than me especially when they saw […]

Toy Stories #24 Dora The Explorer

Ishi has been dreaming of this doll long time ago but we are not buying it for it’s expensive. God is really good coz atlast, she was able to have it on her 6th birthday. She was so happy with this doll when she saw it but  we all know kids excitement doesn’t last forever, […]

Dr. Seuss’s 2nd Beginner Book Collection Hardcover

Well…well….well…like what I said, I should be blaming Zulily for this non stop shopping! I spotted the 2nd set of Dr. Seuss books and I can’t help it and my heart is telling me that I should get it! I was thinking this is a good deal and I am planning to save them for […]

Lola Mama’s Padala

My mother in law has been always generous to us especially to my kids. Even we are miles away from her, she still keeps on giving gifts to my kids not to mention, she always cover the whole birthday expense of Ishi birthday party last month. After that, I requested some DVD for my kids […]