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The Struggle in Teaching Kids

One of the toughest jobs a parent faces most of the time is teaching kids new things. Not in the means of “it’s another work for us” but the fear of not being able to deliver what should be given is just among the things that makes the job really tough. But just like how […]

Ethan’s 5th Birthday @ Jumpzone

My son Ethan had a blast on his special day even only few of his classmates and friends had come. My handsome little 5 year old boy 🙂 He loves his costume! And his cake! His visitors.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ETHAN!!! Opening of presents… At home…he did candle blowing again… And ate some Icing… And then […]

Furniture with Character — up to 50% off

I am so thrilled when I saw this in Zulily!!!! A furniture with Characters!!! Oh gosh!! my kids will surely get crazy if they see it!!! I so love to decor my kids’ room and as much as possible, I want it kids’ friendly, colorful and lively. I always love to put more colorful decors […]

Ethan’s 5th Birthday Preparation

I always love to prepare for my kids’ birthday parties. I love to do it myself and if only possible, I wanna do everything from preparing the decors, the foods, the program and so on and so forth. Not so O-C eh?! Last November, I enjoyed preparing Ishi’s goodie bags and balloons. I didn’t have […]

Gingerbread Men

Ethan made gingerbread man last Christmas. They were asked to decor their ginger bread so I made his ginger an ElF. Here’s his ginger dream (1st from the left) together with other gingerbread man made bu his classmates. So cute!

Lovable Labels New Split Pack!

Look what’s new at Lovable Labels!!! I so love Lovable Labels!! I am enjoying every designs they made! My kids’ stuff were all personalized, thanks to Lovable Labels!! Grab one now not only for your kiddos but for yourself too!!!!

Ishi’s First Painting with Ruth

Ruth is our neighbor, she is living alone in her 2 bedroom apartment. She’s nice and friendly, I met her first knocking on our door and gave the kids some fish fillet. After that she’s always giving the kids some things. Ishi like her for she’s always showing her paintings to Ishi. Ishi was fascinated […]