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A Bunk Bed for My Kids, Why Not?

  Would you consider buying a bunk bed for your children if you think they’re not old enough to sleep in their own rooms yet? I had to ask because I’m thinking of getting one for my kids. I was browsing an online store earlier for cheap bunk beds, and the store actually has several […]

Toy Stories #31 Angry Birds

My son love his New Angry bird Stuff toys! 🙂 He got it from hie 5th birthday last January. The classmate who gave it to him was so sweet and thoughtful coz he personally asked his parents to look for angry birds for him. The parents said he was crying when they didn’t found one […]

Toy Stories #30 Vtech Cars Lightning McQueen Learning Laptop

My son got another gift last weekend when we, our Filipino friends here in AR celebrated all the JANUARY  birthdays! And this gift made him so happy again! We love to buy him this laptop coz he doesn’t have one yet! Thanks to our friends for giving this to him! He’s so Happy! and busy… […]

Child Deluxe Cars 2 Lightning Mcqueen Costume {Review}

My son just turned 5 last month, he waited for this day to come and he is really excited about it. He chose to celebrate in Jumpzone where his sister celebrated her birthday last November. He said he love to have car theme so our friend made him a car cake, I made some goodie […]