The Struggle in Teaching Kids

One of the toughest jobs a parent faces most of the time is teaching kids new things. Not in the means of “it’s another work for us” but the fear of not being able to deliver what should be given is just among the things that makes the job really tough. But just like how we taught them how to stand and walk, it may be tough at first but as soon as they get to understand little by little, you’ll just be amazed of how they make things work. It’s quite funny how we started off teaching them how to count, and years after, you’re now beginning teaching them new things like how many strings on a guitar has and so. But sure that life may be a little scary particularly in teaching kids new things, nothing beats the reward of seeing them learning and the fact that you are the one who made effort to all those, twice the happiness you’ll surely feel.


Ishi Reading Dr. Seuss – “Ten Apples Up on Top”

My kids loves Dr. Seuss Books! Here’s one of Dr, Seuss book that she love to read!

 “Ten Apples Up on Top”


Ishi’s New Set of Disney Princess Books

I started collecting books for my kids since they were born. I started with pop up books and some hard covered boks and tried to read them stories every night but they are not interested yet by then until we moved here in US.

Ishi started to love reading books when she attended kindergarten here so I got more inspired to collect books for them from then on.

I also made them their mini library in their small room.

As of now,  their book rack is now full of books so I am thinking of getting bigger shelves for them soon.

Here’s Ishi’s new sent of Disney books that she’s excited to read every day.

The Princess and the Frog

Tinkerbell and Lost Treasure


Beauty and The Beast

ALL 4 for $7.49

FREE – Pooh Backseat Organizer


Mulan $2.49

Sleeping Beauty $2.50

Total of $12.48


My Little Angels New Bike!

Finally after a year of waiting…the daddy bought them their new bike! Perfect for this coming summer, hooray!


Bicycle for Kids

 My husband and I were planning to buy the kids a new bike. They’ve been requesting for it since last year but we have more important things to buy so we passed on it. This summer, they are asking for it again so my husband is planning on buying them in one condition, they have to be good always and then daddy will decide if he will buy or not. My kids are so excited about it and they are trying their best to behave but there are times still that they can’t help their selves and start some trouble so I am not sure if the daddy will buy a bike this month. We saw some bikes, alpinestars boots, helmet, knee and elbow pads on sale. We don’t wanna miss the low prices but still depends on my kids behavior. I hope they will convince their daddy to buy it soon!


Ishi’s Little Story

Ishi called me in their room just this moment and told me about her story based on the pictures and artworks posted in their wall. I was amazed by it and even forgot to video it so I aske her to do it again so here’s her story….

Thanks for watching! 🙂


School Fund Raising

My daughter needs to raise $180 equivalent to 3 boxes of chocolates so please if you need to buy chocolates for this coming easter egg hunt, please buy my daughter’s chocolates for only $2 each!!!

If you want shipping, flat rate boxes are only $5.75 and can contain 8 hersheys and 4 kitkats!

PLEASE BUY for only $2!!!!








Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!


Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Theodor Seuss Geisel

Born on March 2, 1904, in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Died on September 24, 1991 in California


Toy Stories #32 GIRLY Toys

This is my daughter playing with some ‘pretend’ toys in the clasroom they are using every Saturday Game in cheerleading!

I love this vanity mirror!

Rolling Kitchen



and a Baby…

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A Bunk Bed for My Kids, Why Not?


Would you consider buying a bunk bed for your children if you think they’re not old enough to sleep in their own rooms yet? I had to ask because I’m thinking of getting one for my kids. I was browsing an online store earlier for cheap
bunk beds
, and the store actually has several bunk beds that are specifically made for kids who shared rooms. Presently, my children are sleeping in one bed. However, I know that in a few years, they would want to have their “privacy,” and since I can’t allow them to sleep separately, a bunk bed would be the perfect solution. What do you think?