Trick or Treat 2011

My angels had their first trick or treat here in Arkansas last October 31st in Bentonville. All of us Arkansas Friends gathered for dinner and accompanied the kids to every houses in the area.

My angels had fun! My Princess is wearing her favorite Cinderella Character Costume while my Prince is wearing Iron Man Costume with their friend Jake wearing a Fire Fighter Costume.

Look at the candies they gathered! Lots a lots! Mmmmm….mommy is so Lucky! (big grin)

Happy Halloween!!!!


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    Gengen Says:

    They are cute kids.


    Mirage Says:

    Got Nestle crunch kids? That’s my favorite and we don’t have them here. lol. Don’t forget to brush your teeth!


    tatess Says:

    oh ,they look so cute on their costumes. my children had fun trick or treating too .they like it when people gives them candies.


    MaxiVelasco Says:

    Hello MOmmy Jes!

    Aw! Iron Man’s cool! Your son looks so cool in that costume. Great choice! Your princess’ so pretty just like her mom and the firefighter friend looks so cool, too.

    oh wow! candies!!! Yes! You’re a lucky mom! 🙂

    Hope all is well with your kids and of course, with you!

    Have a fantastic weekend!

    Maxi of:


    MEL Says:

    I have always adored kids wearing halloween costumes… they’re so CUTTEEEE!

    I hope my kids would get such treats too… Yung daughter ko she’d always play princess… sabi ko next time vampire naman…:)


    Gene Says:

    So cute! Sana ganito ang rave about the Halloween. Parang mga mayayaman lang dito nag-eenjoy sa Halloween sa Pinas. I like the firefighter costume, hehehe!


    Ane Says:

    Wow, sosyal ung candies ha dito kasi puro mentos at potchi lang! 😀 hehehe

    Cute costumes! 😀


    Scolex Says:

    Tama si Ane, minsan bobot pa, white rabbit, etc.



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