Toy Stories # 28 Ethan’s New CLICKS Toys

Ethan got enough toys on his birthday celebration! Enought to make him happy and contented! He got plenty of cars like what he really wants and some other stuff that fits his personality – educational toys!

One of the stuff aside from cars are educational stuff like legos, puzzles and blocks.

And this CLICKS Cruisers in one of his favorite —>>

More toys to be posted soon!! See you again next week!


Thanks for Sharing your toys!!!


2 Responses to “Toy Stories # 28 Ethan’s New CLICKS Toys”

    January Says:

    Wow very nice toys kuya ethan. Xye will surely love that too.. 🙂


    Vhen Says:

    nice toy! its for boys pero pag nakita yan ng anak ko gusto niay rin hehhee



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