Toy Stories #27 Cutie Furry Stuff Toys

I received a box from Haze containing gifts and giveaway all the way from the Philippines! I didn’t expect a box coming as big as this one and I feel so loved and blessed!

Thanks to my lovely blogger friends and Postcrossing Enthusiast-mates!

Shopping Bag

My kids were so excited more than me especially when they saw the two little furry things on top of the box….

I’ll call them Dumbie and Chickie 🙂 Aren’t they cute!! I would like to thank Jonathan of Postcrossing Enthusiasts for sending me these gifts! My kids love it!

Do you have any toys to share…please share it with us!



2 Responses to “Toy Stories #27 Cutie Furry Stuff Toys”

    Rebel Sweetheart Says:

    Love that purple elephant! 😀


    Vhen Says:

    that’s so sweet 🙂



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