Toy Stories #24 Dora The Explorer

Ishi has been dreaming of this doll long time ago but we are not buying it for it’s expensive. God is really good coz atlast, she was able to have it on her 6th birthday. She was so happy with this doll when she saw it but  we all know kids excitement doesn’t last forever, she seem not so into it now.

Sometimes I am seeing her playing with it but not as often as with her big doll Jessie from Toy Story movie.

Hope to see your toy stories soon!

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    MamaKo Says:

    yay, nauna ako hehehe. my daughter would probably play Dora, but her fave toy as of this moment is barney.


    mommynuts Says:

    that is why buying expensive gift is not really practical.. excited lang sila sa umpisa, pero ganon talaga, we want our kids to be happy.. 🙂


    Jessica Cassidy Says:

    ang cute ni Dora 🙂 I remember Kelsey used to like anything that has Dora but not anymore 🙁 I guess her preferences changed 🙁 I am joining again Momi Jes, salamat sa paghost.


    Keanna Says:

    That’s a cute Dora The Explorer doll. I used to like Dora when I was about 3-4 years old. I learn some Spanish words from watching her show.


    my new toy drum | jared's little corner Says:

    […] share for toy stories this […]

    jared's mum Says:

    maybe the little girl is getting bigger + her choice of toys is also changing…it is a phase every child goes to, i guess….nevertheless, we simply love buying toys for our children, as long as we can afford it. the expression on their faces seeing these toys for the first time is simply priceless! 🙂



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