Toy Stories #23 PS3 Move

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I think the daddy got carried away last Black Friday Sale and Cyber Monday sale for he bought almost complete set of entertainment showcase.  We’ve been here for almost 9 months now and had a ‘not so boring’ life despite of having no Television in the house. We only use 3 laptops, 1 for the daddy, 1 for me and 1 for the kids and we do most of the entertainments there, watching movie, playing plus many more other internet activities such as reading news, facebook-ing and more.

But now that daddy bought a 47 inch HDTV with cable connection and a PS3move, my kids were very much happy now! They can now watch their favorite cartoon channel, they can now play with ps3 and we can all watch movie in a big screen with nice surround sound.

“This is life!” my husband used to say.

As for me, I am so happy too for  I am can now do both the things I love – watch in the big screen while blogging!

Thanks for Sharing you toy stories with us!


5 Responses to “Toy Stories #23 PS3 Move”

    soda spunk {and orange in sweats} : Nshima Servings Says:

    […] the way, I’m sharing Ernie over at Toy Story. Fun meme, look it up sometime. […]

    rachelle Says:

    hehe!! nice stuff! If we’ll have that here I’m sure hubby will not talk to me anymore. 🙂


    jared's mum Says:

    i bet the little ones + the not-so-little-ones will have a grant time playing with your new toy ^_^


    Stef Says:

    Happy happy happy! I’d love to have an HDTV that big too! =) The PS3 games is great for “family time”.


    Jessica Cassidy Says:

    awww! Daddy spoiled them again with cool toys and gadgets 🙂 What a lucky kids you have here Mommy Jes. We do not have PSP, my kids only have Wii. Joining for the first time here. I hope that you can visit me back



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