Toy Stories #21 Ishi’s Birthday Gifts

Last November 14th was my daughter Ishi’s 6th Birthday but we celebrated it last November 12th at Jumpzone.

She had a great time with her classmates and friends and was very happy with the presents she received. We made a wishlist in TOYS R US and attached it to her invites and I am glad they look at it and they all chose Barbie! Lol!

Lots a lots of presents! Ishi love them all!

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5 Responses to “Toy Stories #21 Ishi’s Birthday Gifts”

    jared's mum Says:

    wow! loads of presents + what, a dozen barbies? i bet you really enjoyed receiving all of them…

    hope you can join my meme, K.I.D, too. thanks 🙂 ~ Jared


    dorry lyn Says:

    wow i love those ‘lil princesses


    Iris by Shengkay Says:

    wow!..grabeee! dami naman!
    Belated happy birthday Ishi!..


    katya kate Says:

    Great and lovely gifts your little princess got there! Happy birthday to her! My first time to link up and I’m a new follower 🙂



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