Our First Ice Skate Experience

My kids and I were finally experienced ICE SKATING for the first time!

After Ishi’s FIRST GAME, we headed to Lawrence Plaza which is very near Ishi’s gym. We had our 1 and half hour session and we all learned for the first time.

Before we start playing….we had our drive thru lunch at Arby’s first…

The kids were so excited wearing their Ice Skate Shoes ….

Ishi and Ethan used this blue thing tp support them since it’s their first time…

Daddy is learning how to skate too but he learned fast so he was convincing Ishi to go in the middle and skate but she’s not ready ye…

I am so proud of Ethan, he did very well…he practiced by himself and learn by himself…

My son and Me 🙂

ids were so tired but they were asking us to go back and rent again…but we have to go home and rest since we still have errands to do before ETHAN’s BIRTHDAY celebration on Sunday.

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6 Responses to “Our First Ice Skate Experience”

    Mai Says:

    wow, ang saya naman nyan, mommy jes. what a perfect bonding moment for the whole family. I’m sure this is something the kid will remember for the rest of their lives since it’s a shared first time experience.


    redamethyst Says:

    wow! that’s a cool way of bonding with the family.I’m sure super enjoy ang kids nyan. visiting from KID

    I would like to take this chance to invite you to my weekly meme also called Daddy and me. You can post pictures of my playmates together with their Daddy or the “man” of their lives. Thank you.


    Olga Says:

    looks so fun! naku si Jade has to do with pretending to skate on our floor. since we saw Disney on Ice, she has been asking me for white ice to skate on.


    jared's little corner Says:

    you guys look like you have tons of fun ice skating! a great family bonding activity!

    thank you for joining k.i.d + if you’ve got 2 entries or more for this month, you qualify for our little giveaway ^_^


    redamethyst Says:

    aww. I wonder my comment wasn’t posted. visiting again from KID


    redamethyst Says:

    ah. I think some of my comments are going to the spam folder. I visited here last time pero wala un comment ko.



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