My Son’s 5th Birthday Cake by A Lot of Sugar

After Ishi’s birthday, I was planning of Ethan’s birthday theme already. I was thinking of a car race theme to be held in one of the archades here in Bentonville. We’re suppose to do it in Chuck-E-Cheese unfortunately their January calendar were all booked so we decided to do it in Jumpzopne again were Ishi had her 6th birthday. Good thing we chose Jumpzone coz Ethan told us that he liked it to be in Jumpzone. And so I asked him what cake does he like on his birthday and he said Lightning McQueen. I tried to request from our friend who’s really good in baking and designing cakes and she just simply said OKAY. And so lighting mcqueen it is with 24 cupcakes incase (which already happened) Ethan doesn’t like to slice his cake.


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    Rebel Sweetheart Says:

    Wonderful cake!
    Happy Birthday Ethan! 🙂



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