Ishi’s First Painting with Ruth

Ruth is our neighbor, she is living alone in her 2 bedroom apartment. She’s nice and friendly, I met her first knocking on our door and gave the kids some fish fillet. After that she’s always giving the kids some things. Ishi like her for she’s always showing her paintings to Ishi. Ishi was fascinated with her work coz she love to draw and paint too. Last month we became more close, she’s always visiting me in our house, bond with the kids and made some gingerbread house and now she offered free painting lesson for Ishi. This is their first session – LEMON PAINTING.


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3 Responses to “Ishi’s First Painting with Ruth”

    Vhen Says:

    wow, she’s so kind naman… and Ishi did a great job!

    visiting from KID!


    rachelle Says:

    nice work, Ishi and lucky you to have a very friendly neighbor. 🙂


    jared's mum Says:

    wow! that is just sooo cool! painting with lemons! good job, Ate Ishi!

    + you’ve got such a wonderful neighbor, too!

    thanks for joining K.I.D, do join us again next week, right?^_^ ~ Jared



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