Furniture with Character — up to 50% off

I am so thrilled when I saw this in Zulily!!!! A furniture with Characters!!! Oh gosh!! my kids will surely get crazy if they see it!!!

I so love to decor my kids’ room and as much as possible, I want it kids’ friendly, colorful and lively. I always love to put more colorful decors but I prefer to use their photos and some character photos of their choice. Imagine if their room has these wonderful furniture….oh gosh!! This will definitely awesome!!!

Batman Armchair

original $163.00
Thomas the Tank Engine Sofa Set

original $200.00

Royal Princess Chair

original $248.00
Nickelodeon Dora Deluxe Toddler Seating Set

original $200.00
Batman Deluxe Sofa Set

original $200.00
SpongeBob Armchair

original $173.00
Pink Skull Chair

original $348.00
Tweety Deluxe Toddler Seating Set

original $200.00
Pink Ballerina Bear Chair

original $192.00
Superman Deluxe Sofa Set

original $200.00
Taz Toddler Seating Set

original $200.00
Tweety Deluxe Rocking Chair

original $100.00


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    kaye t. Says:

    The pink princess chair is so adorable…I want one for my daughter. 🙂 But its a bit pricey for me… I wonder where else I could find one that sells cheaper. heheh! thanks for sharing this..



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