Ethan’s 5th Birthday Preparation

I always love to prepare for my kids’ birthday parties. I love to do it myself and if only possible, I wanna do everything from preparing the decors, the foods, the program and so on and so forth. Not so O-C eh?!

Last November, I enjoyed preparing Ishi’s goodie bags and balloons. I didn’t have a jard time making goodie bags since everything I need were available online and all I did was order and pack. I also enjoyed making balloon decors though we had a hard time putting them all in our small car. That’s our first party planning experience and we learned so many things after that..

This time in Ethan’s birthday,  I only did one Pillar Balloon only for Ethan. I didn’t order goodies online and bought in Walmart coz I just found out that there’s also goodie bags there and happened to be more cheaper than ordering online.

As for cake us usual, our talented and gifted and very generous friend made it for Ethan as a present and it turned out to be a super dooper cute lightning mcqueen car cake! The jumpzone people loved it and so with our guests. We are so proud we have a friend like her.

Here’s the stuff we prepared for my baby boy aside from the PAYMENT ofcourse… 🙂


Goodie Bags…



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