Ethan’s 5th Birthday @ Jumpzone

My son Ethan had a blast on his special day even only few of his classmates and friends had come.

My handsome little 5 year old boy 🙂

He loves his costume!

And his cake!

His visitors..


Opening of presents…

At home…he did candle blowing again…

And ate some Icing…

And then he asked me to wrap it…and keep in the fridge 😛

He love all of his PRESENTS!


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5 Responses to “Ethan’s 5th Birthday @ Jumpzone”

    Mai Says:

    happy 5th birthday, ethan! talaga namang masaya ang party lalo na’t ganyang kaganda ang cake. great costume as well.

    visiting from KID, mommy jes!


    redamethyst Says:

    Belated Happy Birthday Ethan! I think you really enjoyed your party. My little boy would love that car costume as well. Visiting from KID


    Iris by Shengkay Says:

    wwwoooooowww!!!!!! love it!
    Visiting from KIDS..might want to visit my entry.. have a nice day!


    zoan Says:

    my son would love to come and join your son Ethan’s party:) Jb loves CARS (lightning mcqueen fan din sya eh)

    visiting you from KIDS :


    jared's little corner Says:

    wow looks like you had loads of fun! i would’ve loved to come to your party, i love lightning mcqueen! ^_^

    thanks for joining + happy birthday, Kuya Ethan ^_^



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