Dream House

My kids love to have a pet dog and cat in the house but since we only live in an apartment, we are not allowed to have a pet. I told my kids about it and they were very upset and keep asking why? The daddy told them that we will be having our pet soon when we get to move to a bigger house with garden so my kids are now very excited and they keep asking us when are we going to move in a bigger house. Our kids have no idea how more eager we are (my husband and I ) to get our own house soon if given a chance. We are so dreaming about it already.  Sometimes we are actually talking about it. What we like, what type we like, what color is our theme gonna be and so on and so forth. One time when we got to visit a home depot, my husband and I was looking for some house furniture. He’s eyeing for  comfort height corner toilets  for our dream big bathroom while me were looking at the country buffet furniture where I can put a lot of photo frames and a door bell chime cover for our main door. I also fell in love with the kitchen cabinets and sinks displayed in the depot. My kids are enjoying the different styles of beds and sofa too.

It’s nice to dream for your house, it’s also nice that we as a family were giving each other’s opinion and preferred stuff. We really wish we can able to buy our own house soon!


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