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Our First Ice Skate Experience

My kids and I were finally experienced ICE SKATING for the first time! After Ishi’s FIRST GAME, we headed to Lawrence Plaza which is very near Ishi’s gym. We had our 1 and half hour session and we all learned for the first time. Before we start playing….we had our drive thru lunch at Arby’s […]

Gingerbread Men

Ethan made gingerbread man last Christmas. They were asked to decor their ginger bread so I made his ginger an ElF. Here’s his ginger dream (1st from the left) together with other gingerbread man made bu his classmates. So cute!

Dream House

My kids love to have a pet dog and cat in the house but since we only live in an apartment, we are not allowed to have a pet. I told my kids about it and they were very upset and keep asking why? The daddy told them that we will be having our pet […]

Lovable Labels New Split Pack!

Look what’s new at Lovable Labels!!! I so love Lovable Labels!! I am enjoying every designs they made! My kids’ stuff were all personalized, thanks to Lovable Labels!! Grab one now not only for your kiddos but for yourself too!!!!

Toy Stories #27 Cutie Furry Stuff Toys

I received a box from Haze containing gifts and giveaway all the way from the Philippines! I didn’t expect a box coming as big as this one and I feel so loved and blessed! Thanks to my lovely blogger friends and Postcrossing Enthusiast-mates! My kids were so excited more than me especially when they saw […]

Weekend Blast

Last Saturday was IShi’s 2nd day in her cheering class, we all went to there watch her practice. We came early so the kids got the time to play in the play area and they had so much fun! Saturday at Ishi’s Gym before cheering… and finally Ishi’s cheering class… were all there to watch […]

Toy Stories #26 Christmas Gifts

My kids are so happy with what they got for Christmas! They were both happy for Santa’s gifts and from our friends here. They didn’t get lots of toys like they used to get every Christmas in the Philippines but they got lovely clothes and books! Super Wheel Motors Ethan’s Presents from Friends Hello Kitty […]

I am $5 Richer from WBFC!

Woot woot!! This month is kinda LUCKY one for me, Last Christmas I won $15 and a shirt from Gagay’s Giveaway and now right before New Year comes, I won another $5 from WBFC #3 hosted by Ane of Life According to Me Thanks to the sponsors! Now I am joining another WBFC round #4 to […]

Christmas Presentation by Kids

Last Christmas each siblings had their simple presentation on our Party. My kids are supposed to dance but they didn’t have enough time to practice so I have them prepared ‘JINGLE BELL’ and ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ song . Just wanna share my kids’ presentation…. Sharing this with

Toy Stories #25 Gifts From Santa

Just wanna share my kid’s gift from Santa they got on Christmas Day! Thanks for sharing your toy stories with us!