Does Sending Kids to Workshop Help?

At the early stage of every kid, it really pays a lot to expose them to activities where they can enhance their hidden skills and be able to learn new things. One of it is sending them off to workshops.
There are a lot of benefits when it comes to workshops. Aside from adapting lessons to learn, they also get the chance to be socialized. What’s the advantage of sending kids to workshop is that the lessons they get to learn. Whether they are taking up a music lesson such as playing cello with cello bow or other lessons, perhaps, sure that preparing them as early as 3 or 4 can help them unlock the interest they will be possibly into in the future.
So if your kids haven’t gone to any workshop yet regardless of how old they are now, it’s not too late for you to have them experienced it.


Pinewood Derby 2016 : Ethan won 1st Prize in Design Uniqueness

When Ethan submitted his Car, he said, “I am not going for the SPEED but I am going for the DESIGN Award” We were worried for he had high hope and confidence he’s gonna win and that almost made me and my husband passed out when his name wasn’t called for 3rd, and even for 2nd price. We were so sad for him already especially watching him stand infront, super confident, ready to receive the award and just waiting for his name to be called like he already knew he won. Then his name was called and me and my husband exclaimed with relief and excitement!


It’s so hard to see your kids to be sad, I remember the same thing when Elisha joined this Litte Miss NWA 3 years ago, she was expecting any of those special awards and me and my husband’s hearts were already broken in pieces, when most of the awards were already been called and her name wasn’t one of them.My husband almost wanna cry (for real) then they called a last special award which is Ms. Photogenic and there they called her name! From that moment I feel like I don’t want them to join any contest anymore. I can’t take anymore of it. This is worst than any of my experiences when I wasn’t a parent yet. But that’s the thing, us parents have to teach our kids fall and get up even if you are more affected than they do. Letting them experience the failure so they will enjoy the taste of success in the future.

I wish it’s just that easy.


Where to Find Acoustic Guitar Online?

When it comes to purchasing stuff online, there are so many shops that you can go and search for. Whether you are shopping for clothes, shoes, or even stuff for home, online can provide you it. The more if you are looking for acoustic guitar.
There are so many shops for guitars and other musical instruments online. Hence, if you have no time and prefer to purchase your desired guitar online, you can always have it done. Many types are also available such as Martin 00 and even the ordinary ones you know. Just make sure that the shop you are planning to get shop in with is reliable by seeing reviews from other customers as well.


Can Koozies

Holders are really a big help especially if you have sensitive skin towards temperature. Hence, shops that offer holders for different kinds of stuff are really helpful.

Whether you are sensitive in touching too much cold or hot surface, having protective holder can lessen the struggle you may experience. Sure, holding too cold soda can be stressful if you have this numbness reaction for too much expose of touching the said can. Having a holder like can koozies and key that helps you eliminate the problem is surely the best companion to have.

Same goes to touching newly blended coffee, it’s really a big help to have a holder which could lessen the pain that you may experience out of exposing yourself towards it. Hence, if you are still looking for ways on how to protect your skin from too much temperature, then always keep in mind that holders are really a big.


Boys and Girls Club Basketball League 2016

This week is the last practice and game for my angels. They started on January 2016, practicing 2 times a week and a game every Saturday! Two weeks before they started, they were both not so happy about  giving up their gymnastics for Basketball. I know how much they love gymnastics but we have to give up something sometimes to be able to make the schedule work. They were both protesting and telling us that we cannot force them to play basketball coz they don’t like it. The fact that they cannot do anything about it, they still went and try it out and guess what happened? Couldn’t believe the words came out of their mouth how fun was it and how they are liking it.

They’ve learned so much from this new adventure, they have frustrations at times but they learned how to cope with it. I am so proud for both of  them working so hard, trying their best when they thought they can’t do it. One more week and they are done and hoping to be back again next year.

Team Cavalier

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College Talks

,So this morning while having our breakfast, our daughter asked us about what age can she be left at home by herself, without an adult. Weird question that my husband and I looked at each other and threw her another question instead of answering hers, “Why do you wanna be alone in the house?”.  I know, I know we’re not supposed to react that way but men we were shocked, so if you are a parent I’m sure you’ll understand (wink). Don’t worry we  gave her an answer which we are not sure about actually and we need to research more about it. But the question and answer portion didn’t end in there, of course my son had a question too —  “When I am 18 years old, will I be in College by then?”. Now that’s an easy question, so we computed and told him yes.

Wow, where are these questions coming from? They are only 10 and 9 and they are thinking ahead. That’s good right? I hope so. I’d rather be preparing for college rings (Joy Jewelers college rings) and not wedding rings.



New Year, New Activities for the Kids

Happy New Year everyone!

It’s been a while since I updated this blog. Too busy sorting out things and too busy with my new chosen trial  career as Zumba Instructor. This year, we had a lot of changes going on, for one is kids’ activities. My husband and I decided to give up their gymnastics that they’ve been doing for more than three years now and try a new sport such as Basketball. They started last December and they were not happy about it. But recently, they are starting to forget about gymnastics and now embracing basketball. After they adjust, I will try to add more activities for them like music. I don’t know what instruments should we start with. There are so many to choose from such as bluegrass mandolin, guitar, and piano, so for now, we will focus on basketball first and see what the kids choose to add to their activities.


Music Pairing

A lot of activities can be done nowadays. However, for some instances… we can’t avoid ourselves from getting bored. With that, searching for other stuffs to do while doing your usual work is really a big help.

If you work is more on sitting and doing those paper works, listening to music is a good to pair up with it. It is also perfect for those in fieldwork. For headphones, that will no longer be a problem as there are headphone types available in the markets which are easier to find. Thence, if you are still looking for an alternative stuff to do while doing your work… now, you have the idea already.


Water Heater Companies, Which is which?

If you are planning in moving to a new home, it’s really essential to know where to get the water heather installed for your house. Since buying or building a new home would cost you a lot, looking for affordable services such as installing of water heather at home would be a big help indeed.

There are several companies that offer such services but, most of them cost quite expensive which forces homeowners to look for other options. However, due to the increasing competition between these companies, selected to be exact, and of course losing potential customers, these selected companies come up with another marketing strategy engaging people to get their services instead. This gives homeowners a relief towards getting the services they need in lesser price particularly for families who are planning to buy a new home.

On the other hand, there are other services these companies provide aside from water heater installation. They, too, do repairs of existing water heather making it more convenient. But of course, in choosing where to get the services you need, it’s practical to do the canvassing to see if what particular company you suit best. In this way, you could see the worth of your money and not just get the optimal one yet low in quality.


Spending Time Every Weekend

Weekends are the best days of the week. Aside from unwinding from too much load of works, you get the chance to spend your time with your family as well. Hence, no wonder why a lot of people would really celebrate these days of the week.

When weekend is about to come, we make sure that we have activities to do. If we won’t be going outside, we prepare indoor activities instead and of course, foods to munch on most especially by the kids. And we usually spend things in our patio as this is the favourite part of the family. Though sometimes we spend it inside but most of the time, we do it at the said place. I am even afraid that because we use to spend weekends in here, my furniture may get damage but that’s not a problem though. A friend of mine shared to us on where to secure Home and Patio Décor Center Coupons  should we decide to purchase new ones or add some furniture in our patio. Hence, no worries to think at all indeed!

We also love to spend time outdoor too. Depending on the family’s mood, but we see to it that every weekends, we really spend time to each other. How about you? Do you do the same thing too?

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